It's a story you've heard a million times - I was an amateur boxer from Philly, fighting small-time fights while working as a collector for a local loan shark. But one day, against all odds, I was given the chance to fight for the heavyweight title. To prepare, my crusty trainer Micky put me through weeks of unorthodox training - using sides of beef as punching bags, chasing live chickens around, etc. Then, finally I was ready, and with Adrienne cheering me on ringside, I took on Apollo Creed....


Wait - wrong story.   

My story: I spent much of my career working for large corporate chain restaurants, helping to develop and market mediocre food in mediocre settings with mediocre music playing in the background (think Nickelback, Third Eye Blind, etc.), and it just wasn't fulfilling. So I decided to open my own place. The way I see it - you only live once...why settle for crappy food.

So we opened Birdie's - a place where our friends and neighbors here in Nolensville could meet and share a real meal - a meal made with care and attention - in a space where you could take a little break and catch up on whatever it is that you need to catch up on. When you walk through our doors, we hope you'll relax, maybe smile a little, and eat a really tasty, affordable meal. We also hope you'll say hi, introduce yourself, and try to leave all the nonsense outside. It'll be waiting on you when you're done.

And we promise - no Nickelback.